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E-Aroma 10ml TPA

E-Aroma 10ml TPA

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Aroma TPA - 10ml (The Perfumers Apprentice)


The aroma should be stored in a dry, dark place, away from sources of heat. Keep in  closed place in temperature 5 - 25 ° C.

Acetyl Pyrazine 5% PG (5ml)
Almond Amaretto
Apple Pie
Banana Cream
Banana Nut Bread
Bavarian Cream
Belgian Waffle
Bittersweet Chocolate
Black Cherry- A very realistic, fresh cherry flavor, true to the actual berry rather than a candylike or maraschino flavor.
Black Currant- Black Currant Flavor has a Grape-like character, but with a dry, dark, and mature edge.
Black Honey
Blueberry Candy- This is a stronger blueberry that is more candy-like, but not necessarily sweet.
Boysenberry- This is a very fresh and bright true blueberry taste.
Bubble gum- A tasty Juicyfruit type of flavor.
Cappuccino- A strong coffee flavor with a hint of creaminess, a great blender with sweet/smooth flavors.
Caramel (Original)- This is original caramel.  More rich than candylike, with a toasty, maple, brown sugar flavor.
Caramel Candy- This flavor is more like Werthers hard candy than our other caramel. It is sweet with a creamy-rum flavor.
Caramel Cappuccino
Caramel- This flavor is a different type of caramel than the original.
Cherry Blossom- This is a light, elegant flavor. Some people say it tastes like a cherry, others find a light and really refreshing taste
Chocolate- Really pleasent flavor, delicate with a sweet aftertaste. This one is better for blending than for using alone
Cinnamon Danish- A very nice baked cinnamon-bun flavor that's also been compared to cinnamon-sugar graham crackers with milk.
Cinnamon Red Hots- It is more like the candy than true cinnamon.
Cinnamon Spice- This flavor is a nice well-rounded cinnamon.
Coconut Candy- . A delicious sweet coconut flavor, just like the shredded coconut found in tasty candy bars.
Coconut Extra- The same formula as the original Coconut which has really delicious, little sweet aftertaste.
Coffe Kona- Really strong flavor with a pronounced smell.
Coffee- Fresh brewed coffee -  this flavor contains natural coffee essence, which gives it its color. 
Cotton Candy- This is a different style of cotton candy that is more similar to "Blue" Cotton Candy. This flavour is not so strong.
Cream Strawberries
Creme de Menthe- A fresh, mint and cool taste with a long aftertaste.
Cubano Type- Strong Tobacco Cigar flavor with heavy characteristics of spice, woody, leather. Slightly sweet and dry.
Dairy Milk- This flavor gives a pleasent aftertaste. It is not too sweet and not so distinctive.
DK Tobacco Base- Many people compare this flavor  to 555
Double Chocolate- This chocolate is more clear than the other. It tastes like a chocolate cake.  It leaves a sweet and long aftertaste.
Dragonfruit- It is a mellow fruity flavor with a tropical accents.
Earl Grey Tea- This flavor has a pronounced Bergamot (slightly floral citrus) note.
Energy Drink- This flavor is in the general style of a typical Energy drink. Not so sweet and little dry.
Coffee Espresso- This is a rather unique espresso flavor which is really nice on it's own, but is also a great enhancer of tobacco flavors.
French Vanilla Deluxe- Tastes just like the ice cream. It is not so sweet, leaves really pleasant aftertaste.
Grape Jolly Rancher- This version is more sweet then a grape juice.
Grape Juice- This is like a grape juice drink. Not so sweet.
Green Apple- Fresh and crip apple.
Green Tea- Really realistic taste of green tea. Not so sweet but pronounced.
Gummy Candy- A gummi-bears type of flavor, very true to the real thing with a pleasant but not so long time of aftertaste.
Hawaiian Punch
Hazelnut- A lightly sweet, nutty flavor - this one is good for blending with the tobacco flavors to add a slight nutty note.
Hazelnut Praline
Hibiscus- The characteristic flavor of hibiscus tea.
Honey- Very sweet honey with a long aftertaste.
Huckleberry- This is a very strong, fruity flavor. This aroma is really specific.
Irish Cream- Really nice Irish Cream flavor with a long time of aftertaste.
Cream Kalua Type- A sweet kalua drink which leaves a long time of aftertaste.
Kiwi (Double)- A realistic Kiwi flavor, now sold in an extra-strong variety.
Koolada 10% PG
M Type Premium
Malted Milk Extra- This is a more concentrated version of original Malted Milk.
Mango- Fresh and natural tasting mango which is pretty sweet and delicate.
Maraschino Cherry
Mary Jane
Menthol Liquid
Mint Candy
Mountain Dew Type (now called Citrus Punch, the formula is the same)
Musk Candy
Passion Fruit
Peanut Butter
Pie Crust
Raspberry (Sweet)
Red Type Blend
Rose Candy
RY 4 Asian
RY 4 Double
Strawberry (Ripe)
Sweet Cream
Sweet Woodruff
Tobacco Blend
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Vanilla Cupcake
Vanilla Custard
Whipped Cream

Each bottle contains 10ml of the liquid except Acetyl Pyrazine 5% PG which contains 5ml of the liquid.

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