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E-Aroma 10ml FlavorX

E-Aroma 10ml FlavorX

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Aroma FlavorX (10ml)

Met FlavourX - Polish aromas high quality.

Flavours are based on propylene glycol. FlavourX aromas have  the necessary approvals and are authorized for sale in Poland.

Bottle - capacity 10ml with dropper.

FlavourX Aromas give you a possibility to create a liquid of your dream. You can independently determine the intensity of the liquid to make a perfect composition. Your own mixing process creation will give you a lot of joy and satisfaction.

Recommended dosage: 1-4 drops per 1ml of base.

About FlavourX:
- does not contain GMO components
- does not contain ingredients of animal origin BSE / TSE
- does not contain allergens

Description of flavours:

Orange - the fresh taste of freshly made orange juice, sweet and tropical

Lime - fresh and original taste of lime

Banana - sweet and fresh taste of the popular and known fruit over the world.
Coconut - appetizing and exotic milky taste of coconut

Mint Oil - sweet, delicate and fresh

Cherry - candy, sweet and fruit

Strawberry - a classic taste of strawberry, not too sweet.

Apple - great taste of apple

Berry - full of sunny wild, sweet

Wild strawberry - aromatic and fresh

Berry mix - best wild berry-fruits

Raspberry - sweet kind of raspberry

Bubble gum - taste of childhood, orange, vanilla, banana and strawberry

Almonds - sweet, you can find here vanilla mixes with marzipan

Coffee - classic milky coffee with a small doze of cardamom

Cinnamon - cinnamon with a delicate hint of hot spices

Chocolate - sensual, with palpable notes of milk chocolate

Rum - with subtle hints of honey and orange

Cactus (prickly pear) - the fruit of a cactus, very fresh, juicy and green

Nectarine - juicy and fresh

Red Power - our kind of energy drink

Mojito - popular drink, combination of mint, lime, rum and soda water

Toffee - sweet, strong  toffee character

Pink Panther - a mix of orange liqueur, orange and strawberries

Candy - just delicious candy

Kiwi - flavour combination of sweet, ripe fruit with a  little bit of sour seeds

Green tea - refreshing and strong taste of freshly brewed leaves

Blackberry - sweet-and-sour taste of fresh blackberries

Black tea - a classic, seasoned black tea with the rich taste and aroma

Watermelon - crisp and sweet taste of the flesh with a subtle hint of skin

Grenadine - sweet and slightly milky juice of the pomegranate with a hint of raspberry

Tutti-frutti - very sweet taste with orange and lemon

Black Lilac - elegant, tart, slightly tea flavour of black elderberry



The aroma should be stored in a dry, dark place, away from sources of heat. Keep in  closed place in temperature 5 - 25 ° C.

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