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BVC Nautilus coil

BVC Nautilus coil

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Atomizer BVC Nautilus

Replacement coil for clearomizer Nautilus and Nautilus Mini. You can use the coil in both version. Features of the new coil:

1. Better taste, less burning taste.
2. More stable, less problem will happen, giving a good performance.
3. Longer lifetime
4. Huger vapor

How to fill with e-Liquid?
1. Remove from battery
2. Hold the Nautilus clearomizer upside down
3. Unscrew the bottom section - you could also change the head easily at this point also if required.
4. Drip e-Liquid into the tank, fill to just below the lip of the inner air way tube.
5. Screw the bottom coil back on

  • Widerstand - 1.6 / 1.8 ohm
  • Garantie - DOA

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