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Premixed Liquid ArtVap 80/120ml


Premixed Liquid ArtVap 80/120ml

Premium Liquids in 120ml bottles contain 80ml of juice.

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Premixed Liquid ArtVap 80/120ml

Premium Liquids in 120ml bottles contain 80ml of juice without nicotine, specially intended for nicotine shots.

What do I do after adding my nicotine shot? It is always recommended to give your bottle of juice a really good shake after adding a nicotine shot, you should then set it to one side for an hour to allow the nicotine and liquid to bond together. 


Description of liquids:

Bald Fruit: Watermelon
Berry Juice: Berry Juice
Candy: Ice Candy
Fire Bird: Dragonfruit
Green Needle: Cactus
Haribobo: Bubble Gum
Life is Peachy: Peach
Raspberry Sorbet: Raspberry Sorbet
Smooky: Tobacco
Wild Strawberry: Wild strawberry/fragaria

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