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OCC Kanger Subtank Coil


OCC Kanger Subtank Coil

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OCC Kanger Subtank

The organic cotton coil is designed to KangerTech Subtank Plus/Mini/Nano. There are available 3 options. Coils 0,5 and 1,2Ohm are made of Kanthal. Coil 0,15Ohm is made of Ni200.

Please note that coils Ni200 must be operated by mods with temperature control system.


How to fill with e-Liquid?
1. Remove from battery
2. Hold the Atlantis clearomizer upside down
3. Unscrew the bottom section - you could also change the head easily at this point also if required.
4. Drip e-Liquid into the tank, fill to just below the lip of the inner air way tube.
5. Screw the bottom coil back on

  • Garantie - DOA

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